What Are Rural Communities Lacking

You might be thinking that high-speed rural Internet is nothing but a pipe dream. Maybe you’ve already called to look into it and found that you may have to drop several thousand dollars for them to lay cable to your home. So you’ve continued using dial-up service while the rest of the nation has left you high and dry. I think it’s completely unfair that residents are forced to pay such a pricy bill in order to have access to something that their local government should be providing for them already. The Internet is a must have in 2015 and beyond.

Growing up with the Internet from a young age I can confirm that I’ve had more opportunities thanks to the sheer amount of material that is available to me on the web than I would have without it. I was able to succeed in school where I may not have done as well as I would have liked had I been unable to do my own research on the side. It was easy access to knowledge outside of the library. Even then at 12 years old I was able to find nearly anything that I may have wanted or was having difficulty with in class.

I was able to tutor myself in math because of the Internet. Every child deserves this chance. We all learn differently and sometimes a child can be left behind because the teacher is unable to reach him or her with their methods. They may not have the time to personally sit down with them in order to discover how to teach them best. With so many free tutoring sites and organizations on the web devoted to education, it’s impossible not to become learned in nearly subject if someone was willing to devote themselves to the task.

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