Getting Evicted Was a Great Thing

I knew that I did not have a lot of time to find a nice apartment to live at. My landlord had told me that I only had until the end of summer, which was just six weeks away at the time, to find a new place as his daughter and her family were going to move into the house I had been renting for four years. I could not find a house that I was happy with, so I did a search for Silver Spring Maryland apartments. I had never lived in an apartment before, so I was not sure what I was getting myself into.

As it turns out, I was making the best decision of my life. I liked the apartments at Ashford at Woodlake after seeing pictures of both the apartment interiors as well as the grounds. I looked at the floor plans too to make sure that it was something I would like, and it was perfect for me. I needed just one bedroom, and the rent I am paying on it now is less than what I was paying for the house I was living in.

Another advantage to living here is having round the clock maintenance. If I have any trouble with anything, all I have to do is put in a call to the maintenance department. I have only had to do that twice, and both were for minor things. The maintenance department showed up right away both times though. I have had to wait for weeks when I had something wrong at the house that I had lived in. I also get to use the swimming pool and fitness center here at no additional charge. It is just better all the way around for me here, so getting kicked out of my house actually turned out to be a good thing.

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Getting Married and Moving in Together Was Perfect for Us

Dating a guy in the military was a tough thing when you are so far apart from another. This is even more of a problem when you are in the military yourself. We were not used to dating someone long distance, but we made it work. We got married a few months ago, and we found a place to share together at Alamo Heights Apartments in San Antonio recently. We are really enjoying getting to spend more time together as a married couple. We have so many goals and plans together.

I met my husband when I was in basic training. He was such a nice guy compared to a lot of other guys who I had met in training. We also ended up going to training school together after that to learn our full time jobs. I worried about whether we would even make it as a couple since we were both getting shipped off to different places after our schooling was over. But we did what we could to stay in touch and remain a couple. We then dated long distance for as long as we could before we realized that we needed to figure out if we should stay together or go our separate ways. This is because both of us were going to be shipped outside of the country, and we knew very well that would make for an impossible relationship.

One night, on the telephone, my then-boyfriend asked me to marry him. He said that he knew it was not the most romantic way to propose, but he had just received word that he was going to be sent to Texas within the month. He was not going overseas after all. He said he knew if we didn’t do it soon, that we would both be further apart than ever.

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Finding a Place to Fit in

I have always felt like I didn’t belong, like I was on the outside looking in. I wanted to be able to fit in with the people around me but it seemed an impossible task. I decided during my high school that I needed to get as far from my home town as possible. I wanted to see the world and I wanted to find my place in and having spent my whole life on the east coast, I knew I didn’t belong there. I was surfing the web and saw one bedroom apartments in Salt Lake City. The price looked really reasonable, especially compared to the exorbitant prices I was paying in my town. A couple weeks before I had been offered a job that I could work remotely, from anywhere in the country and I decided this was a sign, I was moving to Salt Lake City.

Looking back, this could have been the worst decision in my life, pulling up stakes and moving to another state. I had never been out of my state, let alone visited the place I was going. Luckily for me it worked out pretty great. I met some wonderful people. These were people that I could relate to on a personal level, like I never had before. We talked about music and politics and religion. We stayed up all night looking at the stars and talking about nothing. It was the best time in my life. It was with that same group of friends, when we were out on the town for the night at a little dive bar that we frequented, that I met the woman of my dreams. She came up to me while I was picking out a song on the jukebox and the rest is history. We were together pretty much from that moment forward. I never believed in fate until I met her that night now I don’t think I could ever not believe.

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My Daughter is Resourceful for Income

My daughter is not the type of person to just lay down and let life take its punches at her. She has three children to raise, so she started looking for odd jobs when she lost her job at the only factory in town. Most everyone else did too, so there were not a lot of jobs available. She didn’t want to depend on the government to support her, so she looked online for ways to make money. One of the tips she saw was to look into local scrap metal buyers to see if they have good prices for scrap metal.

She used to collect aluminum cans for different charities that would set up a box in town for residents to put them in. She figured she would be able to go to several of the businesses to see if they would be willing to let her set up boxes in their break rooms. While they would not profit from it, they would also not have to be responsible for any of it either. She told them that she would maintain the boxes, and most of them agreed when they found out the reason she wanted to do it.

It started off with about eight businesses, but now she does this at three times that amount. She does this full time now, and she is actually making more money than she did when she was working at the factory. She was able to find a website that has a lot of information on it about different scrap dealers in our area as well as the prices they are willing to pay, and she takes the aluminum and other pieces of scrap metal to whichever is paying the better price that week. Is it no wonder I am so proud of my daughter?

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Even Teachers Get It Wrong

While looking at a design spreadsheet that my teacher gave me for my engineering class, I noticed that it didn’t give me as much information as I needed to complete a homework assignment. The assignment called for us to use the spreadsheet to complete some simple designs on paper. I looked for an expanded spreadsheet in the course files, but there wasn’t one. The textbook didn’t even have one that provided the information. I looked online for a better spreadsheet and found one that had exactly what I needed. I emailed the spreadsheet to other people in the class so they could complete the assignment as well.

When the class assembled again, we told the teacher about the problem with the spreadsheet and he didn’t realize that it was limited in its information. We gave him a copy of the better spreadsheet and he added it to the course files for future reference. The teacher was feeling a little embarrassed, because nothing like this has ever happened before, and he thought he was prepared for everything in the class. He was a little paranoid now that everything else he had prepared for the class didn’t have enough information, so he spent the entire weekend making sure all of his information was up to date.

I never want to be a teacher, because it looks stressful. I thought I had it bad as a student, but the teacher has to prepare entire lessons for the students to learn, and then grade their work. The teacher has to make sure that everything they are teaching the students will be accurate, because it will be used in real world applications, and if the students are given the wrong information, then it could affect the lives of millions of people around the world for generations.

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An Apartment That is Close to Work

I am an executive account manager at one of the nation’s coolest amusement parks. There is not one thing that I don’t enjoy about my job, other than the commute time. I live about 30 minutes away, which I did not think would bother me at first. Dealing with traffic five or six days a week often means that my commute time is well over an hour though, and I have grown quite weary of it. When one of my coworkers told me to look at, I could have kissed him!

He knew how much I hated my commute, and this was definitely an answer to my prayers. It is a really nice complex that is just minutes away from where I work. Not only that, but it is really nice too! It has everything that a person could ever want or expect from an apartment complex, and then some! I was able to find out so much information from the website too. The complex is not going to be open until summer of 2016, but that just gives me enough time to apply and make arrangements with the apartment manager where I am right now.

I looked at the pictures online, and the community is just gorgeous. It has everything I need, from the layout of the apartments to all of the amenities for the entire community. I filled out an application right there on the spot, and it did not take long for them to get back to me. I have excellent credit and references, so I didn’t think it would be a problem to get accepted. Now, I just have to play the waiting game, but even that is not so bad because I am so excited about finally moving closer to work in the very near future.

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What Are Rural Communities Lacking

You might be thinking that high-speed rural Internet is nothing but a pipe dream. Maybe you’ve already called to look into it and found that you may have to drop several thousand dollars for them to lay cable to your home. So you’ve continued using dial-up service while the rest of the nation has left you high and dry. I think it’s completely unfair that residents are forced to pay such a pricy bill in order to have access to something that their local government should be providing for them already. The Internet is a must have in 2015 and beyond.

Growing up with the Internet from a young age I can confirm that I’ve had more opportunities thanks to the sheer amount of material that is available to me on the web than I would have without it. I was able to succeed in school where I may not have done as well as I would have liked had I been unable to do my own research on the side. It was easy access to knowledge outside of the library. Even then at 12 years old I was able to find nearly anything that I may have wanted or was having difficulty with in class.

I was able to tutor myself in math because of the Internet. Every child deserves this chance. We all learn differently and sometimes a child can be left behind because the teacher is unable to reach him or her with their methods. They may not have the time to personally sit down with them in order to discover how to teach them best. With so many free tutoring sites and organizations on the web devoted to education, it’s impossible not to become learned in nearly subject if someone was willing to devote themselves to the task.

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