Becoming More Than Just a Provider

As a former customer of Cox Cable TV, I sometimes miss supporting the company that gave me access to such great content that I really do regret not having. Unfortunately the rising cost of cable television forced me to make a decision that I didn’t want to make, instead cutting the cord and buying myself a PlayStation 4. I wish that cable companies were able to catch on to this technology which is changing the way that we view entertainment completely. With consumers beginning to make more demands for micro services and quick hits of entertainments as well as more flexible methods of choices, cable television is becoming a thing of the past.

They are only remaining relevant because they have control over access to the Internet by acting as ISP’s and cable providers. They cling to their control because of this reason I believe instead of doing what they should be doing and improving their own models of business. They could do much with the money that they have on hand. Just imagine if they were able to separate themselves from being an ISP and instead began to revolutionize their own cable packages by offering consumers entirely new choices.

They could do so much like start their own studio companies who in turn could begin producing micro content at a high quality, charging lower prices for people like myself who want advert-free content that is high quality, highly produced and captivating. Netflix and Youtube both are leading the way in this new era of entertainment while the cable companies themselves are beginning to fall behind, relying still on nothing but DVR, cable packages and On Demand services. None of this new. They need to become more than just the provider as Netflix has done and begin producing their own content or at least investing in those that do.

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