Even Teachers Get It Wrong

While looking at a design spreadsheet that my teacher gave me for my engineering class, I noticed that it didn’t give me as much information as I needed to complete a homework assignment. The assignment called for us to use the spreadsheet to complete some simple designs on paper. I looked for an expanded spreadsheet in the course files, but there wasn’t one. The textbook didn’t even have one that provided the information. I looked online for a better spreadsheet and found one that had exactly what I needed. I emailed the spreadsheet to other people in the class so they could complete the assignment as well.

When the class assembled again, we told the teacher about the problem with the spreadsheet and he didn’t realize that it was limited in its information. We gave him a copy of the better spreadsheet and he added it to the course files for future reference. The teacher was feeling a little embarrassed, because nothing like this has ever happened before, and he thought he was prepared for everything in the class. He was a little paranoid now that everything else he had prepared for the class didn’t have enough information, so he spent the entire weekend making sure all of his information was up to date.

I never want to be a teacher, because it looks stressful. I thought I had it bad as a student, but the teacher has to prepare entire lessons for the students to learn, and then grade their work. The teacher has to make sure that everything they are teaching the students will be accurate, because it will be used in real world applications, and if the students are given the wrong information, then it could affect the lives of millions of people around the world for generations.

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