Forced into Updates Every Year

Not everyone is a fan of a new iOS whenever it’s released. Those of us who prefer not to upgrade our iPhone usually fall into this camp and is why websites like are made available. I love Apple and I love Apple products, I really do, but I’m not the only one who thinks that it is absurd of them to force these upgrades onto their customers which will typically mean that they are going to have to upgrade their iPhone as well. Why not offer an upgrade that doesn’t have to mean upgrading their phone along with it?

I believe Apple has the ability as well as the programmers to provide updates which would not impair on the current hardware of the more recent released iPhones. I can understand if the original iPhones couldn’t handle the updates (especially those released in the last year or so) but when a phone is released a year ago and a new update happens the following year which will cause lag and delayed responses or performance issues for that phone in particular then there is an issue. To me this is nothing short of a way for Apple to make more money from their customers.

I’m sure that they would never admit to something like that. I think it might even be illegal to actually force a customer into a purchase due to ‘updates’ of this type. Whatever the case might be, Apple should be far more focused on the quality of their products as well as keeping their customers happy. We pay a good deal of money to have access to their products, their designs as well as their cloud services. We should be able to have our devices supported for several years and not be forced into upgrades year after year.

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