Getting Married and Moving in Together Was Perfect for Us

Dating a guy in the military was a tough thing when you are so far apart from another. This is even more of a problem when you are in the military yourself. We were not used to dating someone long distance, but we made it work. We got married a few months ago, and we found a place to share together at Alamo Heights Apartments in San Antonio recently. We are really enjoying getting to spend more time together as a married couple. We have so many goals and plans together.

I met my husband when I was in basic training. He was such a nice guy compared to a lot of other guys who I had met in training. We also ended up going to training school together after that to learn our full time jobs. I worried about whether we would even make it as a couple since we were both getting shipped off to different places after our schooling was over. But we did what we could to stay in touch and remain a couple. We then dated long distance for as long as we could before we realized that we needed to figure out if we should stay together or go our separate ways. This is because both of us were going to be shipped outside of the country, and we knew very well that would make for an impossible relationship.

One night, on the telephone, my then-boyfriend asked me to marry him. He said that he knew it was not the most romantic way to propose, but he had just received word that he was going to be sent to Texas within the month. He was not going overseas after all. He said he knew if we didn’t do it soon, that we would both be further apart than ever.

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