He Helped His Sister Find a Fun Airplane Game

My son loves to play all kinds of games, and his younger sister tries to keep up with him. She adores her older brother, so it is only natural that she wants to play all of the same things that he does. He likes to go to Plane Games 365, a website that has all kinds of fun airplane games on it. She wanted to play with him, but she just could not get interested in the same games that he likes to play there since he tends to favor the ones that have to do with flying war planes.

He is such a good older brother though, and he took time to look at quite a few different games on the site so he could find one that she would like. It actually did not take very long for him to find a game for her, since there are so many different kinds of games there. He knew she would not like the flight simulation games or the ones using attack planes, but he found several that she really does enjoy playing with him. He even plays them with her because they are fun for him too.

One of them is about paper airplanes. She just has to fly a paper airplane through a maze that has a bunch of obstacles on it. It might sound like it is easy, but it can get quite challenging with the higher levels. Her favorite game though is a time management game where she is in change of the entire airport. It is her job to make sure planes arrive and leave on time, that they have the proper maintenance, and that the passengers have no problems. She plays that game so much, and it is such a joy to watch the two of them laughing together over one of the airplane games they are playing together.

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