Making a Plan for Weight Loss

It is obvious to me that it is time for me to take my weight more seriously. It began to creep up on my the winter before last when it snowed all of the time and it was so brutally cold that you could not go out of doors unless you had a really good reason. Now I am probably around twenty or so pounds above what is my ideal weight according to those body mass index web pages. In the past few days I have been looking at some sites like with an eye towards putting together a common sense game plan that is going to lead to the successful attainment of the goal. Obviously there are all sorts of plans out there for this sort of thing, but the large part of them seem to be scams or simple hare brained schemes which are not going to be sensible for me. You can do all sorts of things, but the stuff that a doctor would tell you are the types of things that make sense. It is not as though you are going to find a fun and easy way to do it. Anyone who tells you that they have an easy way out is going to tell you what it is going to cost you in just a little while after that. The way to lose weight always involves two concepts. First you reduce the calories that you take in with your daily diet, then you burn off the excess calories by committing to an exercise regime. The smart thing is always to start off slowly with the exercise. No one is going to go from a sedentary life to running ten miles per day. If you do that, then you are likely to end up dead of a heart attack.

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