My Daughter is Resourceful for Income

My daughter is not the type of person to just lay down and let life take its punches at her. She has three children to raise, so she started looking for odd jobs when she lost her job at the only factory in town. Most everyone else did too, so there were not a lot of jobs available. She didn’t want to depend on the government to support her, so she looked online for ways to make money. One of the tips she saw was to look into local scrap metal buyers to see if they have good prices for scrap metal.

She used to collect aluminum cans for different charities that would set up a box in town for residents to put them in. She figured she would be able to go to several of the businesses to see if they would be willing to let her set up boxes in their break rooms. While they would not profit from it, they would also not have to be responsible for any of it either. She told them that she would maintain the boxes, and most of them agreed when they found out the reason she wanted to do it.

It started off with about eight businesses, but now she does this at three times that amount. She does this full time now, and she is actually making more money than she did when she was working at the factory. She was able to find a website that has a lot of information on it about different scrap dealers in our area as well as the prices they are willing to pay, and she takes the aluminum and other pieces of scrap metal to whichever is paying the better price that week. Is it no wonder I am so proud of my daughter?

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