No More Fights over TV Programming

My kids are old enough to not fight all the time, but that doesn’t mean they follow that same line of logic. They get along really well now since we switched to DirecTV, and I wish I would have done this a long time ago since the house is so much peaceful now. It all started when my daughter showed me a website where we could order DirecTV here. I asked her what was wrong with our cable, and she went into a long speech about how she can never watch what she wants because her brothers always have control over the TV.

I definitely felt for her, because we are the only two females in a house of seven. I knew she was tired of sports programming and science fiction movies as much as I was. However, I didn’t really want to watch anything else either, whereas she did. The boys never let her watch her reality TV shows or her favorite cartoons because most things need to be recorded since we are not home when they air live. That would not have been a problem if we could have recorded more than two shows at once, but that was our sad reality.

When she showed me that DirecTV is different and allows for up to six things to be recorded at once, I knew that it was the system that we needed to get. It was very easy to get the information I needed from the site that I went to, and I was even able to do a live chat with a customer service rep to ask a few more questions about the equipment. After getting the answers that would finally bring about family peace, I placed an order to have it installed. That was a few months ago, and it has truly changed the mood of our house now that everyone can watch what they want!

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