Pet Friendly Place with a Bark Park and Pet Washing Station

How could we pass up moving to a place that has a Bark Park with a pet washing station? This is like a dream come true for my wife and I who like apartment living but have two dogs. I like it that new builders are seeing the value of leasing to pet owners. It used to be you had to move way down the scale of apartment quality to lease a place if you had pets. We found the perfect place at We will be moving in as soon as it is built.

The plans include and Internet cafe and coffee bar. They will also have a big gym with cardio machines, weights and a big space for those who want to do yoga. They will even offer valet trash service! I have never even heard of that. I have been taking the trash out since before I was a teenager. I am not going to know how to handle someone doing it for me. I’m going to feel a little ritzy with that one.

Hey, we work hard and want a nice place to live. We are not interested in having a house. We like apartment living, but we do want a nice place that is suited to us and our dogs. There is a big park and community garden planned for the complex. I had been growing things in planters on our balcony. Now I can actually do some gardening without having the upkeep of a property and house. I wish we could get started right now. The only drawback I can see with the place is that it is not finished yet. We have to wait until summer 2016 to move in. We are both counting the days. We know our doggies are going to be thrilled.

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